Kay Friend of the Regional Lib Dems suspends me on a trumped up charge and only tells me when the membership officer asks her

May 2, 2010 at 7:40 pm

To: ; max.harding@googlemail.com
Subject: Fwd: Suspension of Party Membership
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 08:04:23 -0500
From: bkldfc@aol.co.uk

Dear Mr Harding

I have been forwarded a copy of an email from Mr Sale where he states that you have told him that you are unaware of your suspension from the party. 

As you will see from the original email below I used your google email address please let me know if you are no longer using this address.  I am also putting another hard copy in the post to you. I would be grateful if you could confim your receipt of this email or alternatively the hard copy

Yours sincerely

Kay Friend

Chairman of the Local Parties Committee

To Mr Max Harding,

Dear Mr Harding

 1.        I am writing to notify you that the Devon & Cornwall Regional Liberal Democrat Party is suspending your membership pending revocation because of behaviour likely to bring the Party into disrepute by copying to a London Solicitor a threatening e-mail to Karen Gillard, PPC for South East Cornwall and to Mr Schofield.

  2.         We have read the e-mails you sent to Karen Gillard on the 7th January 2010 and that of the 8th January 2010 to Dr Judy Evans our PPC for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport. We consider them at the very least heavy handed, at the worst possibly malicious in that they raise issues already dealt with in the past. However we observe that the e-mail to Ms Gillard and Mr Schofield was copied to a London solicitor who acts for a suspended member.  This suggests you were acting in concert with a suspended member. When asked to explain this by the Secretary of Devon & Cornwall Region, Mr D Browne, you did not reply. This is conduct which is likely to bring the Party into disrepute under sections 2.6 (b) of the English Party Constitution, which may justify membership revocation (or a lesser penalty) under the English Party Constitution and the Membership Rules.  The attached e-mails are the evidence giving rise to the complaint, why we believe you are involved and why Ms K Gillard, Mr J Schofield, Dr Judy Evans and Mr D I Browne are in a position to substantiate this complaint.

 3.         The Local Parties Committee of the Devon & Cornwall Region are conducting an investigation into these matters and the suspension of your membership will be for a maximum period of 14 weeks as allowed under sections 7.5 and 7.9 (i) of the Membership Rules.

 4.         When the investigation is completed there may be a disciplinary hearing under section 7.9 of the Membership Rules. It is your right to attend this hearing and we attach a copy of the disciplinary procedures (Section 7 of the Membership Rules). You will be notified of the date of the disciplinary hearing in due course. In the event that any of the charges are made out, the Disciplinary Hearing panel may impose sanctions as detailed under section 7.10 of the Membership Rules and a right of appeal is available under section 7.11.

5.         Whilst under suspension you will no longer hold any internal party offices or appointments that you have been elected to in or on behalf of the Party or attend any Party meetings. Therefore you must arrange to hand over all records, documents and property belonging to the Liberal Democrats to a representative of the Party (this person to be agreed with either the Chairman or Secretary of the Local Parties Committee) within 7 days of the date of this letter.


Yours sincerely,

Kay Friend

 Chairman of the Local Parties Committee & Vice Chairman of Devon & Cornwall Region

 cc         Membership Services,

 Acting Chair of City of Plymouth Liberal Democrats,

 Chair of the Devon & Cornwall Region  


 1. Copy of email to Dr Judy Evans

 2. Copy of email to Karen Gillard and Jay Schofield

 3. Section 7 of the Party’s Membership Rules



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