Trying to get Judy Evans and Karen Gillard to stop breaking Data Protection legislation and the response I got from party officers

May 2, 2010 at 7:53 pm




Max Harding <>

Subject: EARS Data
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2010 09:44:51 +0000
 Dear Dr. Evans,
 As you are aware I have been elected to the position of Data Officer for the City of Plymouth Liberal Democrats for 2010.
 It has come to my attention that you are in possession of the City of Plymouth Party's Election Agents Record System software acquired from
DataTrans in 2009 which is the property of the Plymouth Party and that prior requests for the return of this disk by several members of the
previous Plymouth Party Executive committee last year have not been adhered to. 
You will be aware that under Article 5.1 Section (e) paragraphs (iii) and (iv) of the local party constitution, that I am constitutionally
responsible for holding and maintaining the local party data and ensuring compliance with data protection legislation. 
Therefore, I would be grateful If you could return the Master copy of this disk to me immediately by recorded post to my address below.
It is my intention that you and Stuart Bonar will each retain working copies of the master copy that I must retain. Furthermore that Mr Richard
Pinnock, Deputy Director of Campaigns - South West will be sent a working copy to use should he need it.
You and Stuart Bonar, as PPC's of the Plymouth Party will have my full support and help to ensure success for the Party in your respective
campaigns for the forthcoming General Election.  
I will expect this disk at the latest within seven days from the date of
this email. 
Thank you for your cooperation, 
Max Harding
City of Plymouth Liberal Democrats Data Officer

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Kay Friend of the Regional Lib Dems suspends me on a trumped up charge and only tells me when the membership officer asks her Reqests to Judy Evans and Karen Gillard to stop breaking Data Protection legislation and the response I got from the party


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