My Resignation Email to Lib Dem HQ

From: Max Harding
Subject: Resignation
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 18:25:38 +0100

Dear Sirs or Madam.
I hereby resign my membership of the Liberal Democrat with immediate effect.
My reasons for doing so are the following:
1) From my experience of the party it is neither Liberal nor Democratic.
2) As the first democratically elected Data Officer of the City of Plymouth Liberal Democrat Party my election was question and objected to by regional party secretary Dave Browne and PPC Karen Gillard.
3) I also was threatened and bullied by regional party secretary Dave Browne to the extent that I informed the local police who logged the incident.
4) As elected Data Officer my constitutional and legal obligations to ensure that my local party complied with data protection legislation were deliberately obstructed by Judy Evans PPC and Dave Browne.
5) I am also saddened that the regional party including the officers Dave Browne, Kay Friend and Judith Jolly thought that it be more appropriate to suspend my membership of the party rather than allow me to exercise my constitutional and lawful responsibilities with regards to ensuring the return of sensitive data which included the voting preferences of the citizens of Plymouth from Miss Karen Gillard and Miss Judy Evans who in my opinion after taking legal advice have been in breach of the Data Protection Act and therefore brought the party into disrepute.
6) Furthermore I am disappointed that party officers David Allworthy, Dave Browne and Kay Friend thought it better to suspend the Plymouth party rather than allow a Democratically elected young executive to investigate the financial irregularities of the parties accounts for years 2007-2008 during which it has been alleged that Karen Gillard and Steve Turner were treasurers of the party.

7) A Mr Andrew Bridgewater met with me as part of the so called “investigation” into me by the Liberal Democrat party and told me to apologise to Karen Ggillard and Judy Evans for my requesting that they comply with the Data Protection Act. He also said that that’s how things are done here in the Liberal Democrat Party and that if I towed the line, I might have the position of data officer again when the Plymouth Party is reopened if I did.
Yours faithfully,
Max Harding
Data Officer, City of Plymouth Liberal Democrat Party.

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About Max Harding

Hi, I’m Max Harding and was elected Data Officer for the City of Plymouth Liberal Democrat Party at the Annual General Meeting of the City of Plymouth Liberal Democrats on 28 November 2010.

I’m 21 years old and have been studying IT at the University of Plymouth. I also work in Plymouth and live here.

This Blog is about my short experience of the Liberal Democrat Party and why I resigned my membership and joined Labour.

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